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In collaboration with another scientist (Dr. Carola Blessing), a musician (GEDRIZZ) and a graphic designer (STARNUTO) we started a project for the diffusion of science to the general public at all levels: from kids to adults, from English to Japanese, named FLASK.

Through our collaboration we developed various videos in different languages in order to make science more accessible. We also create illustrations and illustrational videos for scientists whose aim is to reach a wider audience or to improve the quality of their research output style. If you are interested please contact at:


Soil. A short illustrational video about the importance of soil in the context of climate change and human impacts.


Drought effects on rhizodeposition. Illustration from my last paper published in the journal Rhizosphere.

Legumes. Did you know about the importance of legumes? Learn it with us in this video realized for the hub Legumes for Sustainable Agriculture (LSA) lead by The University of Sydney.

Logo. Check out our brand new logo!!

Soil Biogeochemistry. The video will introduce you to the research carried at this laboratory (for more info visit their website), where they combine environmental research about soil and plant-soil interactions to food production. This will inform us about possible application and how our agricultural system will fit into a changing climate. The video was commissioned by Ass. Prof. Feike Dijkstra and realized with a Motion Graphic technique.

Legumes and drought. Do you know how legumes cope with drought? and how science can help in developing a brighter future for legumes production?

Watch this short video and get more information at:

This video was commissioned by the hub Legumes for Sustainable Agriculture (LSA) lead by The University of Sydney and realized with a Motion Graphic technique.

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