Dr. Alberto Canarini

Ecologist - Researcher

I am an ecologist, with a passion for terrestrial ecosystem.

I am currently working in the Centre for Ecological Research at Kyoto University.

I am fascinated on how ecosystems function, particularly on the complex interactions between plant and soil microorganisms.

I have dedicated most of my research on how grassland ecosystems will respond to future climatic changes.

I am now interested in translating this knowledge to build more sustainable agroecosystems.

Have a look to my project section to see some of my past and present projects.

I obtained my PhD in soil biogeochemistry at The University of Sydney and worked for 3 years as a Post-Doc at the University of Vienna, in research related to terrestrial ecosystems.

I have now obtained a grant from JSPS (Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science) to conduct a research at Kyoto University.

I have always been interested in human impacts (and climate change) on nature and therefore I was dedicated to understanding the functioning of natural and agro-ecosystems.

This is the reason why I started researching on soil and plant-soil interactions.

Indeed, soil contains most of C in terrestrial ecosystems and climate change could cause positive or negative feedbacks in term of green-house gas emissions from soil.

Plants and micro-organisms play a central role in all of these dynamics, but also in many other processes necessary for plant growth (nutrient uptake, pathogen control), but we still know so little about it.


Climate change effects on grasslands

My next Post-doc will explore climate change effects on grasslands

Drought effects on C cycle

My PhD thesis investigated on drought and C cycle between plant and soil

Sustainable food to feed the world

I am interested in sustainable food production to increase production and reduce pollution

Science illustrational videos

I produce science illustrational video


2013 -2016

The University of Sydney

PhD in Soil Biogeochemistry


University of Ferrara

Master in Ecology and Evolution


University of Bologna

Bachelor in Biology